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       YEAR 5 FRENCH  

Being a Linguist Year 5

SPECIAL ACTIVITY!!!  This week the Y5/6 KW bubble had fun while doing our French lesson in school.  We played a QUIZIZZ game – here is the link:

and here’s the link to the other game we played:

They are both games to practise saying which sports we like or dislike in French. Have fun!

UPDATE 22 juin 2020 : Les sports 

1.We are thinking about how we say we LIKE and DON’T LIKE sports.  Have a look at this youtube link:

To summarise:

j’aime le foot = I like football

je n’aime pas le foot = I don’t like football

Try to make up some examples of your own! 

2.In addition, we might like to talk about other people than just ourselves.  Have a look at this powerpoint : Likes and dislikes and using aimer

It shows how you can use other parts of the verb ‘aimer’ = to like  and there are some exercises for you to do.  You can then use educandy to practise – put in the code 26d71



If you cannot access the powerpoint you can still learn the work:

Look at and learn this list of sports :

le foot (football), le rugby (rugby), le badminton (badminton), le basket (basketball), le tennis (tennis), la natation (swimming), la gymnastique (gymnastics), l’équitation (horseriding). 

Note that to say we like a sport we use ‘j’aime’, so ‘j’aime le foot’ means ‘I like football’.

To say we don’t like a sport we use ‘je n’aime pas’, so ‘je n’aime pas le rugby’ means ‘I don’t like rugby’.  

Try to make up some examples of your own!

Go to and play the game with the code 151e

Print off this wordsearch too! sports wordsearch

NOW… go to this link:

where you can learn some more sports!  Also do the associated educandy game, code 23fec

Check in next week for some more activities – au revoir!


Les fruits et les légumes (Fruit and vegetables)

This week we are going to continue practising French fruit and vegetables with some different resources. 

1)Go to  Decide from the drop-down list how to label each item. Click VERIFIE to check if you are correct. For reference, or in case you can’t access the languagesonline website, the items are:

une orange (an orange), un melon ( a melon), une pêche ( a peach), des cerises (some cherries), une poire ( a pear), une banane ( a banana), un citron ( a lemon), une pomme (an apple), des fraises (some strawberries), des raisins (some grapes), un ananas (a pineapple).  Remember, you could copy down this list and play lots of games eg cover – write- check, make up matching cards to play pairs, get someone to test you etc!

2)Next go to  to make a ‘salade de fruits’! You could use this as inspiration to make your own fruit salad – in real life or as a poster.

3) Go to, then enter the code 1a822 to play some games with fruit and vegetable vocab.  Bon appétit!

Please do carry on doing the activities from last week to consolidate your learning…

UPDATE 11 MAI:  Bonjour à tous! 

This week we are returning to the topic of FOOD.  

-First, revise some fruits by watching and singing along to J’aime les fruits

-Now you are going to do a quiz to see if you know more French words for various foods! Follow this link:

-When you have done the quiz you can also try singing the song (link on the same page). Remember these verbs: j’aime = I like; j’adore = I love; je déteste = I hate

-If you can’t access the quiz you could look at the vocab on this document: More food items then play various games (draw pictures and label them; play cover- write – check; make up sentences to say what you like/love/hate; get someone to test your memory!)

-Lastly, if you have access to Quizizz go to and enter the code 591672 (‘More French foods’).

Bon travail!


Digital dialects is a useful website where French native speakers say the vocab you are practising. Try these links:

Telling the time

Spelling various vocab items


Also… keep going with Duolingo; I have seen lots of you are using this, well done!  If you have lost your login details send a dojo message to Mme Taylor. Educandy is also very useful for practising the topics we have covered in class. Bon travail!


Footfoot song words

Les animaux games

Ma famille games


Promenons-nous dans les bois song

Online practice using adjectives 


L’ecole en France clip

Un emploi du temps (French timetable) games

Subjects Educandy game: go to and enter the code 28f3

Likes and dislikes Educandy game: code 3c18

Telling the time Educandy game: code 43e9

Telling the time Educandy (harder!): code 45f4

Another time game: 


Le Système SolaireEducandy game: go to and enter the code 28f4

Les planètes – video clip

European Space Agency clip


La chanson des squelettes – song telling the time

Numbers song to 50

Numbers to 60 Educandy game: go to and enter the code 28f6

Numbers up to 100 (not for the faint-hearted!) 









Our Y5 and Y6 pupils have finished their testing for the Foreign Languages Primary Bee and have done fantastically well! They learned 40 high frequency words and then had to say as many as possible with clear enunciation within one minute. Well done to all our pupils who took part in this initiative!

BREAKING NEWS!!! 12 juin

We are very proud that some of our pupils will have the opportunity to represent our school in the National Primary Bee competition. This will be taking place remotely over the next few weeks. Our representatives will be tested, as before, on some of the most high frequency words in French; there are 80 new words to be tested as well as the original 40. We wish them ‘Bonne chance’ and hope they enjoy this new challenge.

If you would like to practise these for your own interest please use the following links:

Primary-Bee-phase-1 AND 3 -words

Here are ALL the words, in a random order (great for practising naming as many as you can in one minute – get someone to test you!)

French PB Stage 3

You could also go to and practise the vocab by entering the following codes:

List 1 (colours and body vocab): 253f7

List 2 (months and family): 253fc

List 3 (verbs): 253fd

List 4 (questions and various vocab): 253fe

and the original words that all of Y5 and Y6 worked on:

Set 1: 5d3c

Set 2: 5d3d

Set 3: 5d3f

Set 4: 5d45

Primary Bee phase 1 words

Another initiative in my inbox:

‘Learn a Language: French for Families.  The PowerLanguage team would like to offer their support to children and their families whilst they wait out the reopening of schools. Why not take this opportunity to learn French together as a family? We have opened up our successful French for Families course with no subscription fee until the end of June 2020! Go to  to start learning! Amusez-vous bien !’




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