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In the academic year 2023/24 there are 642 pupils on roll in 22 classes. The school staff and class arrangements are as follows : –

Administration Office

Mrs B. Billington – Business Leader
Mrs L. Fairfax – School Administrator Infants
Miss C. Egan – Administrative Assistant Infants
Ms D. Jones – School Administrator Juniors
Mrs S. Thomas – Administrative Assistant Juniors

Senior Leadership Team

Ms L. Loynes – Headteacher
Mr P. Campen – Deputy Headteacher Infants
Mr C. Silk – Deputy Headteacher Juniors
Mrs B. Billington – School Business Leader
Ms N. Wood – Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-Ordinator (SENDCO)
Mrs L. Hadfield – Assistant Headteacher EYFS
Mr C. Kemal – Assistant Headteacher KS1
Mrs V. F. Shaw – Assistant Headteacher Lower KS2
Ms F. Stockton – Assistant Headteacher Upper KS2

Foundation Stage Team

Mrs L. Hadfield – Nursery Teacher / Assistant Headteacher
Mrs S. Brierley – Nursery Teacher
Mrs K. Johnson – Reception Teacher
Mrs A. Mellor – Reception Teacher
Mrs K. Roberts – Reception Teacher

Mrs H. Bucknor – EYFS Teaching Assistant
Mrs M. Nugent – Nursery Teaching Assistant
Miss H. Scott – EYFS Teaching Assistant
Miss K. Wild – EYFS Teaching Assistant

Key Stage One

Miss H. Eves – Year 1 Teacher
Miss G. Metcalfe – Year 1 Teacher
Mrs E. Sargent – Year 1 Teacher
Mr M. Atwood – Year 2 Teacher
Mrs T. Brokenbrow – Year 2 Teacher
Mr C. Kemal – Year 2 Teacher / Assistant Headteacher

Mrs A. Brocklehurst – Teaching Assistant
Mrs M. Colclough – Teaching Assistant
Mrs M. Cross – Teaching Assistant
Mrs J. Eade – Teaching Assistant
Miss O. Sutcliffe – Teaching Assistant
Mrs M. Meredith – Teaching Assistant
Mrs H. Wilde – Teaching Assistant
Mrs J. McHugh – Teaching Assistant

Key Stage Two

Mrs A. Bleasdale – Year 3 Teacher 
Miss S. Harnett – Year 3 Teacher
Mrs A. Pigott – Year 3 Teacher
Miss B. McGuire – Year 4 Teacher
Mr M. Powell – Year 4 Teacher
Mrs V. Shaw – Year 4 Teacher / Assistant Headteacher
Mr S. Bleasdale  – Year 5 Teacher
Mrs H. Gibbs – Year 5 Teacher
Mrs S. Galbraith – Year 5 Teacher
Miss J. Howard – Year 5 Teacher
Miss A. Hughes – Year 6 Teacher
Ms F. Stockton – Year 6 Teacher / Assistant Headteacher
Miss S. Theobold – Year 6 Teacher

Mrs F. Haymes – Outdoor Learning Lead
Mrs K. Taylor – Languages Teacher

Mrs H. Follows – Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs J. McLaren – Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs J. EadeTeaching Assistant
Miss F. Emanuel – Teaching Assistant
Mrs A. Gallagher – Teaching Assistant
Mrs G. Houlder – Teaching Assistant
Mrs T. Potts – Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Solway – Teaching Assistant

Learning Support Team

Mrs E. Boardman – Pastoral Lead
Mr L. Buckley – Senior Behaviour and Relationships Mentor 
Mr P. Browne – Learning Support Assistant
Miss R. Garlick – Learning Support Assistant
Miss A. Korny – Learning Support Assistant
Mrs J. Lindon – Learning Support Assistant
Mrs K. Tebb – Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Z. Vasi – Learning Support Assistant
Mrs S. Qazi – Learning Support Assistant
Miss J. Thomas – Learning Support Assistant

Catering Staff

Mrs S. Smith – School Cook Infants
Mrs S. Kaur – School Cook Juniors

Mid-Day Team

Ms J. Hind – MDA Supervisor Infants
Mr L. Buckley – MDA Supervisor Juniors
Mid-Day Assistants Infants – Mrs M. Wear, Mrs G. Yaqoob, Mrs K. Flynn, Mrs Z. Raza, Mrs C Rigby, Mrs T. Kanaya, Mrs M. Mahmood, Mrs S. Akhtar, Mrs L. Vereshchak and Mrs S. Rashid.
Mid-Day Assistants Juniors – Mrs J. Cope, Mrs K. Tebb, Mrs P. Heslin, Mrs S. Iftikhar, Mrs C. Reidy, Mrs L. Tranter, Mrs S. Qazi and Mrs H. Brindley.

Site Managers

Mr T. Birch – Infants
Mr N. Donegan – Juniors

Caretaking Team

Mr K. Norris – Cleaner
Mrs S. Mooney – Cleaner
Mrs K. Shaw – Cleaner
Mrs H. Tranter – Cleaner
Mrs K. Flynn – Cleaner
Mrs C Derbyshire – Cleaner
Mrs H. Brindley – Cleaner


Mrs S. Thomas – PALS Manager
PALS Assistants – Mr L. Buckley, Miss S. Stendall, Miss P. Dunleavy, Mrs M. Wear, Mrs K. Turnock-Barnett, Miss T. Hibbert, Mrs J. Lindon, Mrs Z. Vasi, Mrs C. Reidy, Miss E. Thomas, Miss J. Thomas and Miss A. McNamara.

Sports Coaches

Mr D. Underwood, Mr S. Walkinshaw, Mr D. Young, Mr A. Beeley, Mr J. Knowles, Mr J. Fletcher Miss J. Bentley, Miss K. Foster, Miss K. McQuillan, Mr J. Brownrigg, Mr E. Dolan, Mr J. Riley, Mr R. Pickford, Mr B. Goodhall, Mr J. Harrison, Mr J. Martlew, Mr S. Thorpe, Mr L. Gibson-Shaw, Miss V. Potter and Miss R Arrandale.