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Restorative Approaches

Dear Parents/Carers

At St. Thomas’ CE Primary school we have adopted Restorative Approaches as a way of dealing with conflict between children. Restorative practise has been developed with one specific goal in mind; to support and facilitate the building of healthy relationships, and to see different perspectives when dealing with an issue. It focuses around simple questions which you can see in the attached booklet.

All staff have been trained and are now familiar with this line of enquiry – these questions form the basis of resolving issues. The children are able to repair harm caused by using the questions, both by themselves and with staff support.

We also have year six children who are ‘Restorative Champions’: they are on hand in the playground for children to turn to for support and for resolution to a problem.

In addition, we regularly hold assemblies and circle time to develop children’s emotional literacy, empathy and co-operation.

This sits within our St Thomas Way with the aim of helping children understand the effects their actions can have on others.

The enclosed brochure explains a little more about restorative approaches and how we use it in school.

If you would like any further information on Restorative Approaches please contact your child’s teacher.

Yours sincerely,
Mrs E. Boardman.