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‘What we know is a drop, what we don’t know is an ocean.’

Isaac Newton.

Scientific enquiry is at the heart of our science curriculum – promoting discovery and wonder amongst all of our children. Enquiry work is underpinned by explicitly taught scientific theory, incorporating rich and specific vocabulary – children are encouraged to use acquired knowledge as a basis for investigation and questioning. Our children are provided with hands-on, exploratory opportunities enabling them to deepen their understanding.

Inherently inquisitive, children at St Thomas’ are given the opportunity to explore many scientific concepts. In the Early Years Foundation Stage, scientific concepts are explored through play, child initiated investigation and adult-led input that follows the children’s ideas and interests. Children progress onto formal strands of ‘working scientifically’ as they advance through the key stages. By the time children leave year 6, they will confidently understand the ways in which they can measurably explore the world around them, choosing relevant and effective investigation methods.

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