Year 2

Year 2 Wednesday Quiz

Home Learning WB 20.7.20

Bubble A

Bubble B

Key Workers and children staying at home

Topic Home Learning 20.7.20

Arrays challenge cards

comic strip

Number line multiplication

word problem number line multiplication


Home Learning WB 13.7.20

Topic Home Learning WB 13.7.20

Key Workers and children staying at home

Bubble A

Bubble B

Penguin Powerpoint

leaftlet template

Chilli challenge 1 – Mild

Chilli challenge 1 – Spicy

Chilli challenge 1- Medium

Chilli challenge 2 – Medium

Chilli challenge 2 – Mild

Chilli challenge 2 – Spicy

Number line to 20

Subtraction on a number line to 20


What plants can you find

Home Learning WB 6.7.20
Topic Home Learning WB 7.6.20
Bubble A
Bubble B
Key Workers and children staying at home
Adding two-digit numbers challenge cards
Addition and subtraction challenge cards

Wednesday Maths Activity Sheet

Missing Number Challenge Cards

Parts of a plant activity sheet

RE symbols
Home Learning WB 29.6.20

Topic Home Learning WB 29.6.20

RE- Gifts from the Holy Spirit

Science- parts of a plant

Bubble A

Bubble B

Key Workers and children staying at home

Home Learning Information WB 22.6.20

As some children are now returning to school, the Year Two team have created home learning  that will incorporate any learning that the children are doing in school and any lessons that the team will be sending out via Class Dojo. As you know, we have split the returning cohort into 2 groups and therefore there is a separate rota for children in Group A and Group B (Group A are children attending school on a Monday and Tuesday. Group B are children attending school on a Thursday and Friday). There is also a separate set of home learning if your child is staying at home or is in the key worker group. Please select the correct home learning depending on which group your child falls into. The topic grid is for all children (work highlighted in yellow will be completed in school if your child is attending in their bubble).

Bubble A Home Learning 

Bubble B Home Learning 

Key Workers and children staying at home

Topic Home Learning WB 22.6.20


Home Learning Information WB 15.6.20

English Home Learning WB 15.6.20

Maths Home Learning WB 15.6.20

Topic Home Learning WB 15.6.20

Ascension Day powerpoint

Ascension ordering

Parts of a flower

PSHE Road Signs


Home Learning Information WB 8.6.20

Maths Home Learning WB 8.6.20

English Home Learning WB 8.6.20

Topic Home Learning WB 8.6.20

Welcome to Year 2

Well Being Pack

Home Learning Information WB 18.5.20
Maths Home Learning WB 18.5.20

English Home Learning WB 18.5.20

Animal factfiles

Topic Home Learning 18.5.20

Year 2 PSHE 18.5.20

Year 2 Geography 18.5.20

Some more pictures of you all busy at home! 

Home Learning Information WB 11.5.20

English Home Learning WB 11.5.20
Maths Home Learning WB 11.5.20

Topic Home Learning 11.5.20

Year 2 PSHE 11.5.20

Home Learning Information WB 4.5.20

Year 2 Spellings

English Home Learning WB 4.5.20

Topic Home Learning WB 4.5.20

Maths Home Learning WB 4.5.20

Here are some pictures of your home learning, well done! Keep up the hard work and please keep sending pictures to us, we love to see what you’ve been doing! It was also lovely to see some of you having good fun celebrating VE Day!

Home Learning Information WB 27.4.20

English Home Learning WB 27.4.20
Maths Home Learning WB 27.4.20
7 Top Tips to Support Reading at Home
Telling the time O’clock PowerPoint
Telling the time Half Past PowerPoint
Telling the time Five minute Intervals PowerPoint
Reading quarter past and quarter to times activity sheet
Problem Solving time questions (Mild Challenge, Hot Challenge, Spicy Challenge)

Topic Home Learning WB 27.4.20

Here’s some of this weeks home learning! Well done and keep up that hard work! 

Previous Home Learning Information

English Home Learning WB 20.4.20

Maths Home Learning WB 20.4.20

Measuring Capacity Activity Sheets

Temperature Activity Sheets Medium Challenge

Temperature Activity Sheets High Challenge

Topic Home Learning WB 20.4.20

Home Learning WB 23rd March

Home Learning WB 30th March

Year 2 Maths Measurement Booklet

Year 2 Letter Writing Example Text 

Home Learning Links

Free e-books for home learning

Being a Reader Year 2

Being a Writer Year 2

Being a Mathematician Year 2

Being a Linguist Year 2

Curriculum Overview Year 2

Recommended Reading List Year 2

Knowledge Organisers


KS1 SAT sample tests

SATs Information

Sample ks1 English

GPS paper1 spelling

Sample ks1 English

GPS paper2 questions

Spelling questions KS1 Sample test

Sample ks1 mathematics paper1 arithmetic

Sample ks1 mathematics paper2 reasoning

Sample ks1 Englishreading paper1 promptanswerbooket

Sample ks1 Englishreading paper2 answerbooklet

Sample ks1 Englishreading paper2 readingbooklet

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