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Supporting Anxious Children

October 10, 2023

If your child, or a child in your care, is feeling anxious it can be hard to know how to support them. You may worry about them and want to protect them, or perhaps feel frustrated that they spend so much time focusing on things that don’t seem very important. Their behaviour can have an impact on the whole family, as well as affecting a child’s friendships, and how they get on at school. And the situation can end up making you feel anxious too.

The good news is, there are things you can do that will help you, and your child, to manage feelings better.

SilverCloud® by Amwell® is a mental health programme that you can do on your phone, tablet or computer. It uses Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, or CBT for short, which is widely used as a proven and effective treatment for anxiety. Over 1 million people have already used SilverCloud® programmes to improve their wellbeing.

CBT will allow you to understand your child’s feelings and show you how to help them learn the skills they need to cope and thrive. It will also help you manage your own emotions, providing tools and knowledge to respond positively to challenges, and move forwards together.

There are two programmes available:

If you would like to try a SilverCloud programme, all you need to do is follow this link: