At St Thomas’ we believe reading is a vital skill that every child should have. We want all children to leave St Thomas’ with a life-long reading habit and a love of books because we know reading will have a positive impact throughout their lives, including developing their vocabulary, inspiring them creatively and having a positive impact on their writing.

Quite often, we are asked by parents to suggest books which are appropriate and challenging for each group.

Please find below recommended reads for each year group and do feel free to dip into a higher year group if your child would like a challenge.

EYFS – Reception Recommended Reads

Year 1 – Year 1 Recommended Reads

Year 2 – Year 2 Recommended Reads

Year 3 – Year 3 Recommended Reads

Year 4 – Year 4 Recommended Reads

Year 5 – Year 5 Recommended Reads

Year 6 – Year 6 Recommended Reads

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