As St. Thomas’ Church is in the Manchester Diocese, at our school we follow the RE syllabus of the Manchester Diocesan Board of Education.

The content of this syllabus is designed to give pupils a sense of being on a quest of discovery. A key feature of the syllabus is the large number of questions included in each unit. The purpose of these questions is to give pupils opportunity to investigate, reflect, evaluate and make meaning. In doing so they will discover more about themselves, their relationships with others, their relationship with the world around them and their relationship with God.

In church schools this quest for discovery takes place within a living and active faith community, where questions about faith and belief should be encouraged. The faith school community naturally guides young people to discover answers to their questions.
In addition,  pupils need to have experience of a range of mainstream worldwide Christian denominations and other world faiths.
Teachers using this syllabus are encouraged to give pupils as many first hand sensory experiences as possible. Pupils need to see, hear, touch, taste and smell authentic Christianity and the other world faiths as they study.
In an Anglican/Methodist school, Religious Education is rooted in the message of the Gospel and the living faith of the school. However, it must be made clear that it is not the role of Religious Education to indoctrinate or evangelise.

Taught within an environment where Christianity is witnessed and experienced in action, pupils will experience, explore and encounter a wide range of creative and challenging activities that will help them to discover the answers to ultimate questions such as these:-

Who am I and what does it mean to be me?

In what ways do/can I relate to others?

How/where can I encounter God?

How can I make a positive contribution to the world in which I live?

What values, attitudes, beliefs and behaviour are important to me?

What does it mean to have faith?

Who/what influences and inspires me?

The Syllabus:
Foundation Stage (Early Years)

Autumn Term Theme – Me, Others and the World Around Me
I am special Harvest Special People (Values) Christmas
We are unique children of God
God as loving Father
Feelings and Emotions
My gifts and talents
Giving thanks for food and God’s many gifts to us
Story of Creation and exploring the wonders of our amazing world
People who love us and help us
People we trust
Significant role models
Exploring Christian values through the actions of others
Theme: Births and Birthdays
Nativity StoryFestivals of Light – Inc. Non-Christian Faith
Spring Term Theme – Jesus
Stories Jesus Heard Stories Jesus Told Easter  
The Bible
Key Old Testament Stories
Inc: Daniel, Jonah, Joseph, Moses
Inc: The Sower, The Lost Sheep, The Good Samaritan, The Great Feast, The Wise and Foolish Builders
Theme : Love
Palm Sunday
Good Friday
Easter Sunday
Summer Term Theme   – Special places, times and objects
Friendship Special places Prayer Special Times
Qualities of friendship
Jesus is our friend
Friends of Jesus
My special places
The Church including a visit
Christian ArtefactsNon-Christian Faith
places of Worship
What is prayer?
How do we pray?
Why do people pray?Prayer in other faiths
Family celebrationsLinks with Non-Christian Faith celebrations

KS 1:

Key Stage 1
1.Units to be included 2.Choose from these units                  and/or   Supplementary Units
Year 1

1.2 God & Creation (5hrs)
1.4 Jesus was special (6hrs)

At least one of the units with  a
Non-Christian faith link

1.7 Baptism – Non-Christian faith link (5hrs)

1.1 Harvest – Non-Christian faith link (3hrs)

1.3 Christmas Gifts & Gift Bringers (4hrs)
2.2 Christmas – Good News and News bringers (4hrs)
2.7 Christmas – The Journey to Bethlehem (4hrs)

1.5 Easter celebrating new life (5hrs)
2.4 Easter – symbols (5hrs)

2.3 Jesus friend to everyone (6hrs)
2.6 Ascension and Pentecost (4hrs)

1.6 Saints and Followers (4hrs)

S13 Multi-Cultural Christianity
S1 Holy Week
S3 My world Jesus world
S12 Peace
S11 Joseph
(3-4hrs per unit)
Year 2
2.1 The Bible (6hrs)
2.5. The Church (5hrs)Non-Christian faith Unit: Special Books (4hrs)

Non-Christian faith Unit: Places of Worship (4hrs)

The suggested number of hours is a minimum requirement


Lower Key Stage 2
  1. Units to be included
  1. Choose from these units         and/or ..Supplementary Units
Year 3

3.5 Rules for living (6hrs)

Non-Christian Faith Unit: Rules for living (6hrs)

Year 4

4.5 The Church (6hrs)

Non-Christian Faith Unit: Sacred Places (6hrs)

3.1 The Old Testament – Called by God (6hrs)
4.1  God, David and The  Psalms (6hrs)3.2 Christmas – God with us (4hrs)
4.2 Christmas – Light – Non-Christian faith link

3.4 Easter – Joy, Sadness, Joy (5hrs)
4.4 Easter – Betrayal and Trust (5hrs)

3.3 Jesus the Man who changed lives (6hrs)
4.3 Jesus the Son of God – Non-Christian faith
     link (7hrs)

3.6 Harvest – Non-Christian faith link (3hrs)
4.6 Prayer (4hrs)

S4 Why do Christians sing in worship?
S5 Expressing Christian faith through Art
S6 Exploring Easter celebrations worldwide
S7 Change The  World
S2 The Lord’s Prayer
S8 Lent
S1 Holy Week
S9 What matters most?
S10 Proverbs
(3-4hrs per unit)


Upper Key Stage 2
  1. Units to be included
  1. Choose from these units       and/or    Supplementary Units
Year 5
5.1 The Bible (6hrs)
5.3 Jesus – Teacher (6hrs)Non-Christian Faith Unit: Sacred Books/Texts (5hrs)

Year 6
6.1 Life as a journey (6hrs)
6.3 Eucharist (3hrs)

Non-Christian Faith Unit: Pilgrimage (4hrs)

Non-Christian Faith Unit: Passover (6hrs)

5.2 Christmas – Gospels of Matthew & Luke
6.2 Christmas – Advent (4hrs)
5.7 Christmas Around the World (4hrs)5.4 Easter – Victory (5hrs)
6.4 Easter – Who was Jesus? (4hrs)
5.6 Exploring through story Loss, Death and
Christian Hope (5hrs)

6.5 Ascension and Pentecost (4hrs)
5.5 Women in the Old Testament
      Non-Christian Faith link (7hrs)
6.6 Ideas about God (6hrs)
6.7 People of Faith (6hrs)
5.8 Daniel (6hrs)
5.9 Pentecost what happened next? (6hrs)

S4 Why do Christians sing in worship?
S5 Expressing Christian faith through Art
S6 Exploring Easter celebrations worldwide
S7 Change The  World
S8 Lent
S1 Holy Week
S9 What matters most?
S10 Proverbs
S2 The Lord’s Prayer
(3-4hrs per unit)

Our R.E. Co-ordinator is Mrs Pigott

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