What is history? It sounds such a simple question doesn’t it? But it can cause a lot of disagreement. Napoleon called it ‘a myth’ and Henry Ford called it ‘bunk’! Other people think it is much more important, believing, like the American historian David McCullough, that “History is who we are and why we are the way we are.”

Whatever they think about the usefulness of history most people will, however, agree that history is the study of the past. In fact, historians are a bit like detectives – using evidence to find out what happened and why. This is not an easy job. You must be able to recognise evidence, decide how useful it is and come to conclusions based on what you have found out.

At St Thomas’ CE we like to experience history first hand! Year 3 were lucky enough to have a real life experience of ‘The Stone Age’,

Year 4 had a ‘Roman’ visitor and just recently, Year 5 used drama and role-play to portray ‘The Mayans!’

KS1 develop superb knowledge on significant historical figures and develop the skills to tackle tricky KS2 History.


Guidance about teaching History in England:

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