At St Thomas’ we strive to achieve the highest standards in the teaching of computing. We deliver the computing curriculum across all subjects as well as in computing sessions. Children are learning to create using a wide range of media including photos, videos and audio.

We have worked hard to develop the technology available to educate the children and are continuing to ensure that, equipment is well maintained and relevant to the children’s learning. Some of the technology used within class are interactive whiteboards, iPads, laptops, cameras, bee bots, Lego Wedo 2.0 and Codebugs. We are hoping to continue to develop the technology at St Thomas’ further.  Computing is a cross curricular subject meaning, most lessons are able to link with other areas of the curriculum. Computing equipment can help other subjects ‘come alive’ 

At St Thomas’ we are passionate about developing children as leaders and educating children about staying safe online. At KS2 Miss Page works closely with a group of children called the ‘Digital Leaders’. The Digital Leaders help contribute to the development of Computing at our school.

Our Computing coordinators are Miss Jospeh (KS1) and Miss Page (KS2).

 Take a look at our Digital Leaders page
 We are very proud of our Computing work. Take a look at some Computing work here.
 Online Safety is an extremely important part of the curriculum for more information why not check out our Online Safety page.

The national curriculum for England to be taught in all local-authority-maintained schools can be found using the link below: 


We are now using Purple Mash




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