Art helps us learn about the world!

People learn through their senses. Art gives us opportunities to learn through sight, touch and movement. Children can comment on their present world, observe past worlds and cultures through the use of art. Their perceptions about the world and cultures of the world are refined through the use of art!

Art is communication!

Art is a symbolic language that children learn to use naturally and through the use of art children can connect experience with understanding. Through art children can communicate their feelings, knowledge and ideas.

We can understand each other through art!

Children can gain insight into others from various cultures, eras, lives, beliefs and expressive modes when investigating art and its purpose.


Art means flexible thinking!

Through the action of art and research about others art, children consider many perspectives. They gain problem solving skills and are able to make creative decisions.

Art inspires the imagination!

Art extends the thought processes that children are involved in. It allows them to create their own realities and expand existing realities. The imagination that art inspires, gives children power.                               


Guidance about teaching Art in England:

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