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Infant Gate Access

October 10, 2022

Dear Infant Parents and Carers,

We have been looking at ways to reduce the congestion at the Buckingham Road gate at drop off and pick up time, particularly as we now have many pushchairs, prams and double buggies.

We have now received permission from the Local Authority to open the large blue emergency gate on Buckingham Road, as we did during the recent pandemic.

This will enable us to have a one way system in operation – In through the big gate and Out through the small one. This will help ease the congestion.

As from tomorrow (Wednesday 5th October 2022) the new system will be as follows;

– One side of the large emergency gate will only be used for coming into the playground – please do not use this as an exit as there is no barrier to prevent children running into the road. There will be signage and members of staff on duty at this gate to remind everyone and to keep the children safe.

– The usual small blue gate will only be used for going out of the playground. This will also have signage and a member of staff on duty to remind everyone.

– If you arrive at school in the morning or afternoon before the big gate is open, please would you queue on the Church/A6 side of the big gate, as queueing in the other direction would block the small gate when people are trying to leave the playground.

Recently, we have had a couple of children who have come out of the school gate at home time without their parent or carer. These children have fortunately been spotted and returned to their adult by our gate duty staff. Please remind your child never to go out of the gate on their own and also make sure that you keep your children with you if you are socialising with other parents or carers. The playground does get very busy and little children are not easy to spot amongst the adults.

Kind regards,
Mr Campen – DHT Infant Department