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School Council bulb planting

January 01, 2017

Our year 5 and 6 School council members, joined by Cllr John Taylor and volunteers, braved the cold to plant some daffodil bulbs ready for the spring.

My daughter Daisy attended St. Thomas.’  When at secondary school she saw an invite to plant bulbs on the triangle of land at the junction of Mauldeth Road and Clifton Rd.  She went along and had a good time digging. The bulbs prospered and the site is now  known by everyone as Crocus Corner.  Daisy now works at Priestnall School.  She had her first baby on Christmas Day,  Rowan.  She can’t wait to show Rowan Crocus Corner in bloom.

The juniors who helped plant the bulbs by the school fence enjoyed themselves. As the bulbs multiply into clumps they will look more impressive with each year that goes by. They will bring pleasure to those walking past and pride to the young people who gave them the chance to flourish. The bulbs were provided by the council.  Next year there will be more bulbs to plant in the school grounds.  The adults like planting the bulbs too. We chat with the pupils as we work and help with the digging.  The pupils are all very polite and ask good questions.

Councillor John Taylor,
Labour Heatons North.