MFL Year 2

      YEAR 2 FRENCH                          

UPDATE 22 JUIN 2020 :

We hope you have managed to do some of the activities listed below.  

This week we would like you to practise saying you like or don’t like sports in French.  To help you, watch this video of a teacher explaining how to do this:

Make sure you say the phrases when she asks you to, then try and make up some of your own!


If we were at school we would have been learning some sports in French. Normally we don’t do much reading and writing in French lessons in Y2 but this year is a bit different! If you would like to learn some sports in French please follow this powerpoint:


Have a go and maybe just do a few sports at a time.  You might like to try this wordsearch too, which you can print off:

sports wordsearch

and don’t forget to have a go at the educandy game:  go to, then enter the code 151e.  This was originally created for Y3 so well done if you can try it out!

Hope you enjoy the work! Check in next week for some more activities!


Les Fruits (continued!)

Bonjour! Here are some more activities you can do to consolidate your learning of how to say fruits in French.

1) Go to  This will revise some of the fruits we have been looking at in French. In case you can’t access the clip the list is:

le citron (lemon), la framboise (raspberry), la fraise (strawberry), la poire (pear), les cerises (cherries), l’orange (orange), le melon (melon), le raisin (grapes), la banane (banana), la pomme (apple) and l’ananas (pineapple).

While watching the clip practise saying the fruits and then when they ask ‘Où est la pomme?  point to it. Check if you are correct! 

2) Next you could go to  Enter the code 28fa and play some games with French fruit vocabulary.

3) Why not make up a ‘salade de fruits’ with some of your favourite fruits – either in real life or as a poster? Practise saying the fruits with someone at home.

UPDATE 11 MAI 2020:  Les Fruits                                    

This week we are continuing with FRUITS in French – Les Fruits. You are going to read and listen to a story in French called ‘La chenille qui fait des trous’.  You will recognise it as the original story is called ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’.  Don’t worry if you don’t understand it all! Just watch, listen and enjoy.  Watch the clip here:

La chenille qui fait des trous

Next, print off this worksheet:’ La Chenille colouring sheet ‘  and colour in the caterpillar, the fruits and the butterfly. Do you recognise the days of the week in French? Can you remember the song we sing to practise the days of the week? Can you remember the colours in French as you colour in?

Watch  J’aime les fruits! again, with the crazy fruits!  Can you sing along yet? Remember, the words and their meaning in English are also in this word document: jaime les fruits  

To practise this vocab you could go to and enter the code 553e. Start with the match up game, then you can progress to noughts and crosses (with someone else or against the computer) and the memory games. 

Remember, you can always practise the French we have been doing over the course of this year, especially numbers and colours. There are links to songs and games lower down this page. Bon travail!

Being a Linguist Year 2 



Numbers 1-9  clip

Song 1-10 song

1-10 en francais games

Un, deux, trois nous irons au bois song

11-20 en francais games

Numbers song to 20 song

Educandy games:  go to and enter the code 1c04 (numbers 1-10) or 1c05 (numbers 11-20)


Les mois – we love this song! song practising MONTHS 

Days of the week clip Monde des petits practice of DAYS 

La chanson des jours de la semaine song to practise the DAYS 

Les jours de la semaine Alain le Lait song to practise the DAYS 

Lundi matin – a traditional song  

Months Educandy game: go to and enter the code 1c06


Les couleurs  games

French clip to practise colours

Colours song 


Les parties du corps practice

Tête, épaules, genoux et pieds song

Jean Petit qui danse song

Savez-vous planter les choux? song

Un petit pouce qui danse song

Si tu as d’la joie au coeur song


Un chien avec un gros nez song

Le vieux Mcdonald link to clip

Le Vieux Macdonaldpowerpoint


Petit escargot finger rhyme

Papo the parrot visits a school in France clip

Jean Petit qui danse song

Frère Jacques

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NUMBERS 0 to 31


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