Key Information

Mission Statement

We aim to be an exceptional school with Christian values at the heart of the
community. We are committed to providing a learning environment that
nurtures all children, helping them to thrive and reach towards their potential
as uniquely created individuals made in the image of God.
At St Thomas’ CE we aim to provide a learning environment tailored to the
needs of our children and to support them in developing a love of learning for
life. We believe in providing a culture of challenge and opportunity and high
standards for all our learners enabling them to acquire the skills necessary to
The Christian character of our school contributes to the academic achievement,
personal development and wellbeing of all our learners regardless of their
experience or background.
We support our children in developing social skills, working and playing
individually and collaboratively, growing in confidence and celebrating their
achievements together. Care and concern for the well-being of others is
encouraged and recognised. Children are taught to value one another, showing
consideration for the needs and views of others.
We encourage children to be active and to learn what is needed to remain
healthy and safe- physically, emotionally and spiritually in a rapidly changing
As a faith school we actively seek to promote the teachings of Jesus, upholding
the principles of justice and compassion. We aim to show respect to others and
uphold the rights and responsibilities of all regardless of race, religion, age or
Together with our parents, churches and wider community we aim for children
to succeed in body, mind, heart and spirit


School Prospectus 2016/17

School Uniform

Visitors to school premises

Parent Advice on emergency closure of school

Complaints Process


School Performance Tables

You are able to compare us using the School Performance Tables.


Admissions at St Thomas’

To apply for a place at St Thomas’ please visit the Stockport Council website to make an application.


Stockport School Admissions

It is vital to make your application for Nursery, Reception Class and Secondary school in good time. Please note the application deadlines stated below:

Admission Birth dates between Online application closing date Offer Date
Nursery –
January 2019
01/09/2015 –
31/10/2018 Late November 2018
Nursery – April 2019 start 01/09/2015 –
15/02/2019 March 2019
Nursery – September 2019 01/09/2015 –
31/03/2019 17/05/2019
Reception Class – September 2019 01/09/2014 –
15/01/2019 16/04/2019
Secondary School – September 2019 start 01/09/2007 –
31/10/2018 01/03/2019


All applications for the main intakes referred to above must be made online and by the set deadlines.

Please see the links below which explain the process and provide access to the online application system. If we can assist in any way please feel free to contact the school office on 0161 432 6809.

We can provide general advice only as places are allocated centrally and not by the school.

Parents should be aware that :

1) A place in the St Thomas’ Nursery does not guarantee a place in the Reception Class at our school.

2) A place in St Thomas’ Year 6 Class does not guarantee a place at your preferred secondary / high school (including Priestnall High School).

In both of the above scenarios, parents are required to apply through the Admissions system before the relevant deadlines.


For applications relating to other age bands or for a mid-year transfer between schools, please contact the school office for advice
Link to Childcare and Family Information Directory


Curriculum Maps, Phonics and Reading Schemes

To access details of the curriculum for your child/children follow the links below to your child’s year group.

  • Key Stage 1 Phonics in school follows the processes recommended through “Letters & Sounds”  and is supplemented by other resources and activities, e.g. “Phonics Play”.
  • Reading schemes follow Stockport Book Bands (a variety of books, of similar ability level, colour-coded to indicate level). We also have a selection of books to support de-coding and reading phonetically.


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