Key Information

School Contact Details

St Thomas’ C of E VA Primary School  – Infant Site
Wellington Road North
Heaton Chapel
Stockport.  SK4 4QG
Tel: 0161 432 6809 – option 2

St Thomas’ C of E VA Primary School – Junior Site
Buckingham Road
Heaton Moor
Stockport.  SK4 4QY
Tel: 0161 432 6809 – option 3

Headteacher: Ms L. Loynes 


Visitors to school premises

As an inclusive, community-focused primary school, we welcome all appropriate visitors to school premises but please note the following when visiting our school:

  • For the safety of our children and parents/carers, the car park at school is for staff and authorised visitors only. Parents must not use the car park unless specifically authorised to do so. We encourage parents to walk with their children to school wherever possible and we ask, for your safety, that you walk along the pedestrian pathway into school rather than the school driveway. When driving to school is unavoidable, please set a good example by driving and parking with consideration for others, and of course prevailing laws. 
  • Authorised visitors are welcome to use the car park when there is space available. Otherwise, please park sensibly on the roads outside of school.
  • Should you require a parking space close to the school entrance or assistance with access whilst on site, please contact the school office prior to your visit and we will ensure that a suitable parking space is reserved for you. Our site is on one level and with the addition of available equipment is completely accessible to all visitors. 
  • All visitors (other than parents/carers bringing children to and collecting children from school) should report to the school office to ensure safeguarding requirements are complied with.
  • We do not welcome ‘cold calling’ from commercial salespeople no matter what the relevance to school requirements. A preferred method of contact is an email to  although please note that we only respond to approaches that are of interest. 
  • Dogs (other than trained support dogs) are not allowed on school premises. Please also avoid leaving dogs tied to railings etc. as this can be stressful for the animals and passers by.                                                                           


Admissions at St Thomas’

It is vital to make your application for Nursery, Reception Class and High School in good time.  Please note the application deadlines stated below:

Eligible dates of birth and closing dates

Admission Types Birth dates between Application closing date Offer date
Nursery – Consideration for January 2021 start 1 September 2017 – 31 December 2017 31 October 2020 Late November 2020
Nursery – Consideration for April 2021 start 1 September 2017 – 31 March 2018 15 February 2021 March 2021
Nursery – September 2021 1 September 2017 – 31 August 2018 31 March 2021 17 May 2021
Primary (Reception) – September 2021 1 September 2016 – 31 August 2017 15 January 2021 16 April 2021
Secondary (Year 7) – September 2021 1 September 2009 – 31 August 2010 31 October 2020 2 March 2021

Parents should be aware that:

  1. A place in St Thomas’ Nursery does not guarantee a place in a Reception Class at our school.
  2. A place in St Thomas’ Year 6 classes does not guarantee a place at your preferred high school (including Priestnall High School)

In both of the above scenarios, parents are required to apply through the Admissions system before the relevant deadlines.  All places are allocated by the Local Authority not the school.

Visitors to school premises

Link to admissions application information

Application for absence during term time

St Thomas’ Heaton Chapel Catchment Map

School Uniform

Parent Advice on emergency closure of school

Complaints Process

School Grit Plan


Key Links and Documentation

Analyse School Performance (ASP) Key stage 2 Headline Measure 2018
Statutory Inspection of Anglican & Methodist Schools 2018
Ofsted Report
Inspection Data Summary Report
Whole School Attainment Overview 2019
British Values

Curriculum Maps, Phonics and Reading Schemes

To access details of the curriculum for your child/children follow the links below to your child’s year group.

  • Key Stage 1 Phonics in school follows the processes recommended through “Letters & Sounds”  and is supplemented by other resources and activities, e.g. “Phonics Play”.
  • Reading schemes follow Stockport Book Bands (a variety of books, of similar ability level, colour-coded to indicate level). We also have a selection of books to support de-coding and reading phonetically.


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