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Welcome to The Early Years Foundation Stage page. Here you can find lots of information on how to support your child’s learning at home.

Support for Parents

A Letter From Your EYFS Team

A Parent’s Guide to Promoting Early Learning and Development at Home

A Parent’s Guide to Promoting Early Learning and Development at Home (0-5 yrs)

EYFS Phonics Support for Parents 

How to Support your Child’s Spelling at Home

Well Being Pack

Potential Reopening Changes

As you will be aware, Reception is one of the first age groups returning once reopening begins. The EYFS department have been working hard, alongside the Senior Leadership Team, to adapt our classrooms in line with the latest government guidelines. Due to Reception life being very different to what it once was, we have created a video for parents describing what these changes might be. Once reopening has been officially made and we know exactly what this will look like, we will make a video for the children inviting them back. We have lots of creative ways to do this that will focus on the children’s excitement about coming back to school.

We are aware that our children at St Thomas’ are flexible and very adaptable. We have full faith that with support from our wonderful team, they will settle back into school life again. As explained in the video, these are only the current plans for Reception and things may change depending on the guidance at the time.

We look forward to welcoming our children back into our classrooms again soon!

Reception Changes Video


Resources to Support the Transition Back to School

Social Distancing Social Story – What Will School Be Like Now?

While We Can’t Hug Social Distancing Video

Everybody Worries

Dave the Dog is Worried About Coronavirus 

Coming Back to School in a Bubble

Video Messages from the EYFS team

Mrs Mellor’s Story Time

Mrs Mellor’s Story Time 2

Mrs Hadfield’s Story Time

Mrs Hadfield’s Story Time 2

Mr Attwood’s Story Time

Mrs Robert’s Story Time

Mrs Robert’s Story Time 2

Mrs Johnson’s Story Time

Mrs Johnson’s Story Time 2

Mrs Bucknor’s Story Time

Mr Attwood Story Time 2


Reception’s Home Learning

Home learning – Week 1

Home Learning 30.3.20 Rec – Week 2

Home Learning 20.4.20 Rec – Week 3

Home Learning 27.4.20 Rec – Week 4

Week 4 Maths Problem Solving Challenge  

Home Learning 4.5.20 Rec – Week 5

Week 5 Little Red Riding Hood Letter

Home Learning 11.5.20 Rec – Week 6

1.Gingerbread Man See How He Runs Song

2.Gingerbread Man on the Run Song

3.Gingerbread Man Don’t Trust Them Song

Home Learning 18.5.20 Rec – Week 7

Part Part Whole Interactive Resource

EYFS maths mastery Friday Activity

Home Learning 9.6.20 Rec

Measuring Activity

Scavenger Hunt 

9.6.20 Problem Solving Activity


11.6.20 New Rota

As some children are now returning to school, the EYFS team have created a new rota that will incorporate any learning that the children are doing in school and any lessons that the team will be sending out via tapestry. As you know, we have split the returning cohort into 2 groups and therefore there is a separate rota for children in Group A and Group B. Please click on the rota below to access 5 lessons for your child.

Group B will start the new rota from 11/6/20.

Group A will start the new rota from 15/6/20. You will finish lessons on the old rota above until Monday.

Reception Planning Cycle 1 Group A

Reception Planning Cycle 1 Group B


Group B planning from 17th June 2020

Reception Planning Cycle 2 Group B


Group A planning from 22nd June 2020

Reception Planning Cycle 2 Group A 

Group B planning from 25th June 2020 

Reception Planning Cycle 3 Group B


Group A planning from 29th June 2020

Reception Planning Cycle 3 Group A

Maths Word Problems (both groups) 

Maths Word Problems Cycle 3


Group A planning from 2nd July 2020

Reception Planning Cycle 4 Group A

Group B planning from 6th July 2020

Reception Planning Cycle 4 Group B

Numicon Information Sheets


Mental Health Awareness Week has ended now but the world is a very different for our little ones at the moment so these can be useful at any point. Here are some recommended books for you to read or find online, which cover emotions in a child friendly way. With all the uncertainty and disruption to daily life, please keep talking about how everyone is feeling. It is perfectly fine to accept that it is a tricky time for all of us emotionally, big or small, and that this is ok. Keep smiling where possible! You are all doing an amazing job!


For July’s ‘Resilience Month’ can you complete the daily resilience challenges?


Nursery’s Home Learning

For Children in Nursery, please click the link below to access some home learning ideas. 

Home Learning – Nursery – Week 1

Home Learning 30th March 2020 – Week 2

Home Learning 20th April 2020 – Week 3

   Home learning 27th April Week 4

Home learning 4th May Week 5

Home Learning 11th May week 6

Home Learning 18th May week 7

Home Learning 6th June week 8

   Home Learning 15th June week 9

  Home learning 22nd June week 10

Home Learning 27th June week 11

Home Learning 6th July week 12

New Parents – September 2020

Welcome Presentation 2020

Welcome Powerpoint 2020 Nursery



EYFS Welcome Information

What we will be learning about
At St Thomas’ we believe in following the children’s interests to prompt our planning. We have knowledge and skills for each area of the curriculum that we teach each half term but how we teach them depends on the children’s interests and ideas. We have vague over riding topics but these are steered completely by the children.

Curriculum Overview – EYFS


EYFS Expectations
What to Expect When – A Parents’ Guide – http://www.foundationyears.org.uk/2015/03/what-to-expect-when-a-parents-guide

Early Learning Goals


Parent Toolkit
Useful Links

7 Top Tips to Support Reading at Home

Recommended Reading List Reception

Reading Presentation 2019

Maths Workshop



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