Rec Mrs Mellor

Our first half term in reception

We have had a wonderful first half term in school. The children have all settled in beautifully and lots of lovely friendships have been made. This half term we have been exploring shape, and numbers up to six. The children found lots of different ways to represent their ideas and knowledge. 

We have been talking about where we live and how our homes and houses in the world can be very different. We used different media and materials to research and create and represent our own homes. 

The children enjoy exploring different ways to move and keep their bodies fit and healthy through a range of physical activities. 

During this half term we have also been learning about Harvest and Autumn. We went on an Autumnal walk and looked at how leaf’s change colour and texture. We took pictures on the Ipads then came back to class where we discussed what we had observed. We enjoyed looking at our objects more closely using the magnifying glasses and torches. The children were interested to discover which objects allowed light to pass through and which did not. 

Welcome to Reception AM 

It was a pleasure to meet all of our new children and parents at our meetings this week and I am looking forward to an exciting and successful year with you all. Please check our class page regularly to find out all about our learning. 

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