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School Closure

If you would like to do some learning with your child this week when the school is closed here are some ideas:


Autumn Walk

o    Take your child on an autumn walk. What changes can they see? What will happen next?

o   While you are on the walk collect objects and take photos to share with their class when we return to school.

  • Special People

o   In RE we are talking about special people.

o   Talk to your child about special people in their lives. They could make a card to say thank you to a special person.

o   Look through the newspaper or news can you find any special people such as fundraisers and community workers.  



o   Count objects to 10 (and beyond) and match to the correct numeral. You can count anything from steps to toys.

o has lots of counting activities for your child to do.



o   We are looking at the letters g,o,c,k. Go on a sound hunt around your house and find objects starting with theses sounds.

o   Practice blending sounds together to make words.      

  • Sounds out cvc words (cot, tin, peg, map, kit etc.) encourage your child to blend the sounds together and say the word or find the matching object. #


o   Please continue to read with your child. Read the school books, story/information books you have at home or take a trip to the library.


We have been busy in Reception making friends and exploring our new classroom.

This week we visited the library. While we were there we each chose a book to take home and share with our family.  

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