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Wriggly Nativity

Thank you to everybody who supported us with our performance of the wriggly nativity. Here are some pictures from the show:

If you wish to purchase a DVD please let the class teacher know.


Post Box Walk

We enjoyed a walk to the local post box to post our letters to Father Christmas.

Police Visit

We were lucky enough to have a police officer to come in and talk to us all about their job. We found out all the tasks that policemen have to carry out in their day to day, and saw the equipment that they use. We saw, torches, walky talkies, a truncheon, a notepad and even a taser! We saw all of the different types of hats that a policeman has and discussed what they would be used for. The police man even let us try them on! We talked about stranger danger and how to keep ourselves safe. There was then time for questions and we asked anything that we would like to know about the job. 

Then we went outside to see the police car and couldn’t believe how lucky we were when the policeman let us go inside the car. It got even better when he showed us how loud the siren was and how bright the blue lights were. 


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Doctor Visit

We have been learning all about healthy bodies in school. We were lucky enough to have a visit from a real doctor, who talked to us all about ways to stay healthy. She showed us all of the things that doctors have to make us feel better and some of us even got to try them out! 


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Children in Need!

Firstly, a huge thank you for all of the donations that were sent in for children in need. We started our day by taking part in the ‘Big move’, which is a live nationwide event streamed by Joe Wicks. We then went on to learn all about Pudsey and where our money will be going, we talked all about why it is important to share. 

It was hard for Mr Attwood to get a clear picture because we were moving our bodies and having so much fun!

Creative Week 2019

For our creative week, we have tackled the Selfish Giant. This is a story about a giant who would not share his beautiful garden, but in the end realised why it was important to share.

This week we have:

Building the giants castle

Used junk modelling to build the castle that the giant lived in. 

We even built the wall that he used to keep the children from playing in his garden. 

We also made some artwork, looking at how the season never changed in the giant’s garden whilst he would not share. We looked at the change from autumn to winter. 

We linked our PSHE and discussed how the giant made a bad choice by not sharing. We drew round our hands and discussed how we can make good choices and be kind with our hands. 


Dentist visit

We were lucky enough to have Anne Jepson come to teach us all about healthy mouths. 

We talked about healthy and unhealthy choices for our teeth and sorted them into the correct bag.

We all joined in!

We learnt how to brush our teeth correctly and all about the different parts of our mouths.


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