Extra Curricular Clubs

Mindfullness Club

Runs on a Thursday morning from 8am. Places are limited, and the club runs on a half term basis.

It will teach our children coping strategies to deal with stresses and worries, and will be an opportunity for our pupils to learn the techniques of deep breathing, imagery and using our brains to create a peaceful mind.
The sessions will involve a circle time, a movement activity, a quiet time and a reflection time.
The outcomes we would expect would be to increase coping skills, be more aware of our bodies and how they work, and to know how to make our bodies calm and peaceful.
The children need no special equipment or clothing, just uniform as usual.

Lego/Star of the Week Club

At the Junior Site, the children who are chosen to be star of the week will be presented with a certificate and a badge in assembly. They will then have access to the VIP lunch room and will have the opportunity to come to Lego club.

Lunchtime Sports

PSCL offer a programme of unique lunchtime sports provision to our school, at both sites. The team of PSCL coaches work with school to create a safe, thriving, sporting environment for the pupils to enjoy during their dinner break. By zoning off the playground/field structure is added to lunchtime games and activities, which allows the children to play sports safely and in a controlled, educational manner. The coach’s role is to engage as many children in sports and activities regardless of gender and ability. 

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