Emergency Childcare

1. If you need some help with temporary care for your children this week whilst the school is closed please visit www.stockport.gov.uk/childcare
You can search by entering your postcode in the top right search box.
Snugglebums, a local day nursery may also be able to help too. Parents should contact the manager Heather Murray to discuss. https://stockport.fsd.org.uk/kb5/stockport/fsd/results.page?familychannel=0&qt=snugglebums&term=&sorttype=relevance

2. This is a link to Stockport’s childcare information website and parents could contact local childminders to see if they have any space for temporary care for this week. This is because childminders are already Ofsted registered and meet all the regulatory requirements to offer childcare for payment.

Parents can search by entering their postcode in the top right search box.


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